About Karen Hammat

Karen completed her bachelor’s degree in visual arts and applied design in 2005.

Since then she has run a busy arts practice from her home studio in Yankalilla, South Australia where she alternates between portraiture, abstract painting and fibre arts.

She has been involved in numerous group and solo exhibitions and has won a number of awards. Her work features in private collections in both Australia and Europe

 Her artistic body of work revolves around the theme of the integration of spirit and matter and she has a particular interest in art as an alchemical practice. This preoccupation is particularly evident in her abstract paintings, which often feature alchemical symbols and document the many correspondences between the visual and alchemical arts. 

 Her owner-built studio features as one of her artworks, being partly constructed of mud dug from the surrounding environment. The spiral cob walls of the studio are designed around the golden mean so that the building relates itself to the natural environment and to the artwork produced within it.

Her studio is open to the public.